Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Affordable Online Network Marketing Tools | 12 Second Commute

Finding the right, not to mention affordable online network marketing tools for your business can be a frustrating task. If you choose the wrong ones -- you've just wasted your money. There is no need to use high priced marketing software anymore in fact 12 Second Commute outlines many advantages of having your marketing tools under one roof. As the owner,

Darryl Graham explains, "12 Second Commute was built by Marketers for Marketers."

We told Darryl what we wanted and he built it!

Internet marketers are getting help in finding their way through all the useless hype that is invading the internet. In a no nonsense style the beginner to experienced marketer now have an advantage in building their business.

All successful Network Marketers need:

Ad and link tracking capabilities because if you don't have this ability how are you to know where the traffic is coming from, what's working and what's not?

Email Autoresponders that are powerful, reliable and easy to use are a must! Online videos and live conferences will show you exactly how to build a quality and responsive list using the only AR you will EVER need!

Capture page creators are another must, you will have the ability to easily create and maintain your capture pages and you're able to do this without having to learn HTML, Java or any of those other nasty 4 letter words. In 12 Second Commute, you will be able to build your own capture page(s) or use one of the many templates setup in your account.

A Contact manager is extremely important as well because while building a list is great and necessary, if you don't keep in touch with your prospects and clients, you will never reach the top. Having a world class contact manager solves this issue and since the contact manager in 12 Second Commute will be automatically tied into your Autoresponder, your job is simply a matter of managing prospects and clients instead of having them manage you.

12 Second Commute even offers a translation area. Nothing has been left to chance and everything is included in 12 Second Commute to help you succeed.

You can even have your own conference center! With 12 Second Commute you will have the ability to attend and run your own conferences. The conference center will never close so whether you want to conduct a training session at 8am or midnight, you can do it. For a low monthly charge, you'll get everything need to run your home business.

There is so much more included in 12 Second Commute than what is mentioned above, my advice to any network marketer would be to try a 30 day trial to see for yourself how valuable this system really is.

Comparing the cost factors associated with having all your marketing tools with the same company, more than outweighs the reason's for not.

Internet Marketers will have the advantage of excellent marketing expertise by other successful Network Marketers that will motivate and teach you how to use the home business marketing tools resources and earn from your online business.

You can get started absolutely FREE with no credit card required and you can remain free for a full 30 days—remember your 30 days free will not start until November 30th. This will give you time to review the system, attend our conferences, ask questions and become familiar with how 12 Second Commute works.

After 30 days, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to one of the premiere accounts that start at only $9 per month.

Again, in the unlikely event you decide that 12 Second Commute is not for you, you simply cancel your account within 30 days or do nothing and your account will automatically be deleted after 30 days. There is no credit card required to start your free account so you will not automatically be billed. The only time you will pay is once you choose one of the premiere accounts, and remember you have a full 30 days to decide which is best for you.

If you want the ability to call the shots and take control of your life, then take advantage and get your 12 Second account right now. Working from home is the greatest feeling in the world and while it won't be as easy as all the scammers are telling you, it can be done and Darryl is proof that with some work, the right tools, support and training, you too can make your dreams a reality and have your own fast 12 Second Commute.

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