Monday, May 24, 2010

Choosing Email Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell | 12 Second Commute

Let me tell you, I was searching the internet today looking for "email marketing tools," I was doing a little comparison shopping and holy cow!

When selecting an email marketing provider, price is always a factor in the decision-making process, cool... I understand that.

As soon as I found this company (I'll leave unnamed) I had to write a blog post to warn the new comers to the online marketing world.

I just found a company that "offers GREATER VALUE and a greater variety of pricing packages than any other service on the market today."

This one service in particular I found is asking $159.90/mth for you to be able to send out 100,000 emails a month. They gotta be kidding right? I mean seriously?

See, that's what makes me so pissed off! Everybody has the best value and the best pricing... Don't get me wrong, I think having options is great but seriously $159.90/mth for an autoresponder with limitations?

And their bare bones plan which allows you to send out 2,000 emails a month was $19.90/mth and an additional $5.00 for an additional 1000 if you went over your allowed 2,000.

As far as I'm concerned the company that provides me with my autoresponder service (12 Second Commute) has "given the farm away" with the promotion going on now, unlimited complete set of online and email marketing tools for $19/mth. (summer time special offer) You can't beat that bargain, plus up to 60% commission... I'm staying!

Do your research, shop around and watch for rip offs when you're looking for email marketing tools.

Affordable Email Marketing Tools Online

Angie Mitchell
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Business Building Online Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell

Angie Mitchell

The fastest way to building a business is to give away something of value. Not something you think is valuable; something your target market thinks is valuable.

This approach has been around for centuries and it works just as well now as it did back then.

Give real value without asking for compensation. Make people feel good, when they get that feeling without spending any money, they’re going to remember it.

You have to know what your customers and prospects are looking for, and you need to find a way to get it for them without consuming too much of your resources.

What can you do?

No matter what business you're building, you have knowledge and resources that is of value to your customers. Capture some of it and put it into a nice format, make it look appealing. Then give it away.

When they come back, they’ll feel a whole lot better about spending money with you because you have already done your part — you gave them something they found value in and asked for nothing in return.

"There is a secret psychology to money," says T. Harv Eker, internationally known speaker and author of 11 top-selling books and courses, "Most people don't know about it, that's why most people never reach their financial potential."

Eker explains, "Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world! A lack of money is not a problem, it is merely a symptom of what's going on underneath! The fastest and only way to permanently change your financial situation on the outside, is to first change it on the inside." T. Harv Eker

I'm not psychic and I'm no genius but give me 5 minutes, and I'm pretty sure I can predict your financial future! How? By identifying your financial and success blueprint.

We all have a financial and success blueprint already ingrained in our subconscious. It's extremely important to recognize what your own financial blueprint is set for. Is it success, mediocrity or failure, struggle or ease, high or low earnings, consistent or inconsistent income, spending or saving, picking winning investments or picking losers?

One way is to look at your results!

If you keep doing the same over and over chances are you will keep getting the same results.

If the temperature in a room is 68 degrees, chances are the thermostat is set for 68. Regardless of whether you are making $25,000 or $400,000 per year, unless you raise your 'internal financial blueprint' you will never substantially raise your income or net worth.

Unfortunately for most people, your current blueprint will stay with you for the rest of your life, unless you identify it and change it.

If you have a home based business or work online doing internet marketing there is a powerful, suite of online marketing tools that will do just that. Change the way you manage and market your business, be it online or offline.

With this particular set of online tools you will learn how to completely recondition yourself for financial freedom.

For some people, the change will happen very quickly for others not so much. That depends on you. You determine how successful you will become.

There is absolutely no lack of training and support with this marketing and opportunity service. As long as you are ready and willing to succeed, take advantage of the what you are being offered and put your plan into action... if you can do that then you are moving in the right direction.

There is simply nothing else offered like this.

Mentoring, training, marketing and advertising plus the tools to make it all happen. The people involved go above and beyond. If that sounds like something you could use then I'd urge you to get started.

Take initiative of your finances and your future. If you like what you see and can see how this is only going to take your business to the next level, I'd like to speak with you.

I'm going to give you something of value and I'm going to give you 30 days to see this value... business tools!

Business Building Tools

You will be rewarded for taking quick action.

When was the last time that ever happened to you?

Angie Mitchell

Skype: angiebt79828

Angie is a Mentor, Coach, Copywriter, Article Marketer, Blogger and a Sponsor who is willing and able to help you succeed to make things happen.

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12 Second Commute | Amazing 50% Off Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell

Image of Darryl Graham from Facebook
Image of Darryl Graham

This is the latest update from Darryl Graham at 12 Second Commute.

I want to welcome all the new members of 12SC and invite you to take full advantage of your new 12SC System. I know working online can be a bit overwhelming at times, but if you just keep at it, you will start to see the big picture of how all the tools in 12SC are mandatory to work online and the benefits of having them all in one place will make your life easier and your road to success quicker.

In this update:

* New Pricing and Powerful Opportunity for You

* More Training and Support Added

* Blog Setup

* Conference Recordings

* 12SC Social Community

New Pricing and Opportunity for You—Beginning Wednesday May 12 and continuing through August 31st we will be offering new clients of 12SC the opportunity to get the Elite during their first 5 days of their trial for $19 per month. During the first 5 days this is the only upgrade option they will have.

If they don't upgrade within 5 days of starting their trial, they will have the 4 current upgrade options of $9, $19, $29 and $39 but in all honesty if they pass up the $19 Elite during their first 5 days, they are not going to upgrade at all so you are going to find out real quickly who is serious and who is not.

There is nothing for you to do as this will be done automatically, but I want you to be aware of it in the event you want to promote 12 Second Commute.

The Elite during their 5 days will include the following for as long as they stay in 12SC.

* Free Extreme account at my ad network where they can get 50% discount on advertising and earn money from that affiliate program.

* 15 - 20 minute free private phone or conference consultation with me--This is beyond the regular support we offer and will be a private one on one opportunity for people to pick my brain--what's left of it anyway!!!

* $19/month price lock in for as long as they stay.

Why am I doing this: This is your opportunity to really build a solid downline in 12SC. You will have almost 4 months to promote this offer. We are already paying commissions to over 100 different people each week and I want to see that increase to 500+ by the end of this promotion.

I am going to commit a lot of my time to this offer for you and while this will seriously eat into our profits initially, I have always believed in giving now to get something better in return and this is a great way to accomplish this.

People who join 12SC and stay a month or two are no good to you and they only hurt themselves and nobody and I mean nobody on the Internet offers all we do now and with the Elite at only $19 a month if they quit that, they might as well turn off the computer and get use to sitting in their car and working for some company for the rest of their lives as they are not going to make it online.

What this means to you: From Wednesday though August you will see a big increase in your upgrades if you promote 12 Second Commute because for $19/month your prospects will get an amazing opportunity to not only have all the tools they need for as long as they work online, but they will have a great opportunity to make sales themselves which means more money for you.

For those of of you paying more for the Elite: The new $19 option will not include the free advertising that you get with your account, so you are getting more than the new people. They will have to pay for their advertising while yours is included, so don't think you are being cheated as your Elite account is more powerful than the $19 option.

Plus as I said, we are taking a big hit on these accounts, but that is how you grow your business--give something now for something better in return.

If you promote 12SC over the Summer, you should have a substantial downline where you will be earning commissions and those people will continue bringing people into 12 Second Commute and continue building your downline.

More Training and Support: If you have not noticed, we are now offering 6 scheduled training conferences each week, plus 2 - 3 hours of general support in the Roadkill Marketing Cafe each day. The RK Cafe is a place you can just drop in and ask any questions you desire on 12SC, advertising, marketing, or working online in general.

I am also still reviewing life help chat for the site and hope to implement that in the near future.

Blog Setup: One of the questions I get a lot is people want someone to setup their Blog for them and they are willing to pay for this service. As I don't have time to do this, I asked Angie Mitchell if she would be interested in doing this on the side.

Angie agreed and she will available to setup your Blog for $47. Angie is one of the top users of our Blog and she knows how to get the best use from your Blog.

If you decide to use Angie to setup your Blog, you will pay her directly and we don't make a dime from this as I don't believe in that. We don't take a dime from any work done by her.

There will be a link on the main Blog page that will direct you to Angie's service once, so if you have not setup your 12SC Blog yet but you want to take advantage of that part of your 12SC system, check the main Blog page.

Hosting--Don't forget we now offer hosting for all paid clients through our hosting partner. This is not included in your account but they have plans starting at only $2.99 per month and any paying client of 12 Second Commute qualifies for this amazing rate.

Don't give up on your dream to work from home and online. You can make it and you just need to keep building your prospect list, tracking your links, get objective training and never stop moving forward. Success does not come overnight and it will never come for those looking to make millions instantly.

Don't let this pass you by!

Click here and upgrade to Advanced within the first 5 days and you will get Upgraded automatically to an Elite Account!

Angie Mitchell

Skype: angiebt79828

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angie Mitchell | Jim Roche | 12 Second Commute

Hey, I'm Angie Mitchell... and this is my good friend Jim Roche.

I'm relatively new to the online marketing scene myself but I'm extremely happy to say that I have drastically shortened the learning curve.

I never struggled with where to go and what to do because I partnered up with Jim Roche NJ pretty much right away and together with our skills we have helped each other become successful.

We know that you do NOT have to be good at everything, you just have to be really good at some things.

This is our secret. Instead of being in business for ourselves, he does what he does best and I do what I do best, we outsource to each other and we've seen results.

We have found that working as a team, he doing the technical stuff and myself doing the creative copy stuff, we have been able to help our eager team members get on the path to seeing success as well. Some want to be left to their own devices and that's OK too...

For us, Keyword Rich Content and Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

However, we are not alone in this process. 12 Second Commute with all the training and support has lightened the load.

No matter what program, product or service you are working online, you have to understand that using online marketing tools is only going to benefit you and your online business.

The amount of value you get with an account here is unbelievable.

Personally, I'd recommend kicking Get Response and Aweber to the curb...

12 Second Commute is far more superior in our opinion.

But don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

If you don't check it out, I know exactly why you're hesitant... it's because everybody and their dog is telling you they have the latest and greatest and it's hard to know who to believe. I understand that.

Where else on the internet will you find Autoresponders, Contact Manager, Ad Trackers, Capture Page Creator, Affiliate Area, URL Rotators, Newbie Training Center, Blog, Video Training, Translation Area, Program Builders, SEO Tools, Smart Page, Conference Center, Purchase Traffic, Bonus Traffic and Hosting all under one roof?

12 Second Commute is an honest business resource and opportunity center unlike anything I've ever come across.

No useless hype at the site or provided by any of the trainers either.

Jim is also a trainer here at 12SC and he puts on his SEO conferences Wednesday night's at 9:30 EST.

There are a total of 4 conferences that cover social networking, SEO, Advertising and basically a informational Q and A on these specific tools. There are a few during the day as well for the people in Europe on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Darryl Graham has been so generous in allowing anyone and everyone to take the entire system for a test drive free for 30 days.

There are not many businesses that have enough faith in their service to do this as the majority of them make you pay a dollar or pay in full up front before they will give you anything.

Actually, I'd prefer to only have it a 10 or 15 day free trail since I know from experience how when given the opportunity to check something out for too long, it gets pushed to the wayside and next thing you know... you just never get around to it. Oh well, not my rules to make.

If you are a serious person with a serious business goal then I'm confident you won't wait the full 30 days to take action.

Jim and I are super happy paying members of 12 Second Commute and just wanted to share with you why this is the system you MUST get your hands on, or at the very least test out before deciding if you want to continue.


Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

Remember... Its Not WHAT You Are Marketing, It's What Online Marketing Tools You Use!