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Online Marketing Tools | Program Builder | Angie Mitchell

The Program Builder is exclusive to 12 Second Commute and you won't find it anyplace else on the Internet. The fastest and easiest way to build your downline for any legal product, program or service on the Internet using these online marketing tools.

The Program Builder allows you to easily duplicate a sales and marketing system so your downline can be up and running with the same capture page and autoresponder messages as you, all fully customized with their information.

There are videos on the Program Builder that will walk you step by step through the process of creating a program builder for your downline as well as using a program builder from someone else.

Using the program builder, you will be able to be up and running and building your very own prospect list with your very own capture page and very own autoresponder in 10 minutes! Honestly, how much easier can it get?

Darryl Graham has spent a lot of money and time putting together this comprehensive system for people who choose to work online and has included all the essential tools anyone could ask for. Sure it takes a little time setting everything up but once it's done, it's done!

Hands down, these online marketing tools provided to me by 12 Second Commute have been a huge time saver... Looking back I don't know how I managed without it.

Besides the program builder, the other online marketing tools 12 Second Commute provides are:

1. Email Autoresponders with Spam Checker
2. Contact Manager
3. Ad/Link Tracker
4. Capture Page Creator/Editor
5. Affiliate Area
6. URL Rotator
7. Newbie Training Center
8. Blog
9. Video Training
10. Translation Area
11. Program Builder
12. SEO Tools
13. Smart Page
14. Conference Center
15. Purchase Traffic Option
16. Bonus Traffic

See the chart below to see how many Program Builders you can have based on your account level.

Account Type

$9/month Basic - (1 Program Builder)
$19/month Advanced - (2 Program Builders)
$29/month Executive - (3 Program Builders)
$39/month Elite - (Unlimited)

But more importantly, it is these effective online marketing tools which give you the freedom that makes the whole online marketing experience so envious to those without. These tools will free you from hours or even days of tedious work and will do most of the work for you. Professional marketers know an investment in high quality effective marketing tools will pay dividends again and again... they also know it is the only way to proceed. PERIOD.

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