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Online Marking Tools Are A Must | Angie Mitchell

Okay, so we all like convenience, right? Most of us aren’t sitting around wondering how we could make our lives just a little more complicated. Well, for those of us at 12 Second Commute, we’ve got online marketing tools that we use pretty much daily to help keep things, and by things I mean us, more organized, focused, and overall on track.

The flagship online marketing tool that's really going to throw the blood in the water is the top of the line (exclusive only to 12 Second Commute) is the Program Builder.

Network Marketers with a not so active downline are loving this one because it allows you to easily duplicate a sales and marketing system so they can be up and running with the same capture page and autoresponder messages as you--all fully customized with their information.

For example, if you want to create a Program Builder for a current program you are involved with, these are the steps you would take.

Step One : Click on the Variable Setup link and assign the values you want to use in your Autoresponder messages and on your capture page.

Step Two : Click on the Variable Layout Page link and give instructions to users of your Program Builder so they will know what to put in the custom fields.

Step Three : Click on the Autoresponder link and create/edit messages for a current list or create a new list with new messages and insert your AR custom codes in your messages in the proper place.

Step Four : Click on the Capture Page Creator link and create a new capture page and insert the custom codes where you want the information to be or edit a current page and insert the custom codes on that page.

Step Five : Click on the Create New Password and generate your password for this program builder. This is the password, you will send to your clients. You can also find this password in the future by clicking on the Existing Program Details link.

No to worry, there are also videos on the Program Builder that will walk you step by step through the process of creating a Program Builder for your downline as well as using a Program Builder from someone else.

I'd say, coming in a close second would be the Capture Page Creator/Editor; this thing is seriously going to enhance your webpages and the best part is, you don't need to know HTML, Java or any of those other nasty 4 letter words.

Ad and link trackers are also important, so you to know where the heck the traffic is coming from or what's working and what's not?

The Autoresponders are powerful, reliable and easy to use, a must for anybody looking to carve out their piece of the internet! Build a quality and responsive list using the only AR you will EVER need!

A Contact manager is extremely important as well because if you don't keep in touch with your prospects and clients, you will never reach the top. Having this specific online marketing tool solves that issue since it is automatically tied into your Autoresponder, your job is simply a matter of managing prospects and clients instead of having them manage you.

There is so much more included in 12 Second Commute than what is mentioned above, my advice to anyone working online, no matter what your product, information or service is to try a 30 day trial to see for yourself how valuable this system really is.

There are literally hundreds of software tools you can buy, but these are hands down the best online marketing tools that I have purchased.

Online Marketing Tools are popular for a reason - there are some good ones that work just fine, then there are tools like 12 Second Commute that work grrrrreat! The best internet marketing tools can work wonders for an online business.

By adding online marketing tools to your arsenal it is the "secret sauce" that makes the magic work.

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