Friday, April 23, 2010

How Did The Wealthy 1% Do It?

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What is the road you're on?

Recently let go?

Last year, over 2 million jobs were eliminated in the US alone!

Will you be next?

Feeling over worked?

"For the first time since the middle of the nineteenth century, we are working more hours... for less money!" ~ Michael Yates Professor of Econonics

More Hours Less Money!

Your job... is it keeping you from your family?

Only 1 in 5 Mothers are a Stay-At-Home Mom.

74% of all children cared for are by people other than their own parents.


Approaching Retirement?

After 40 years of working... at age 65:

63% depend on others.
29% are dead.
4% are financially secure.
3% are still working.
1% are Wealthy.


What is the answer?

How did the wealthy 1% do it?

74% own their OWN BUSINESS!

You Choose.

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