Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angie Mitchell | Jim Roche | 12 Second Commute

Hey, I'm Angie Mitchell... and this is my good friend Jim Roche.

I'm relatively new to the online marketing scene myself but I'm extremely happy to say that I have drastically shortened the learning curve.

I never struggled with where to go and what to do because I partnered up with Jim Roche NJ pretty much right away and together with our skills we have helped each other become successful.

We know that you do NOT have to be good at everything, you just have to be really good at some things.

This is our secret. Instead of being in business for ourselves, he does what he does best and I do what I do best, we outsource to each other and we've seen results.

We have found that working as a team, he doing the technical stuff and myself doing the creative copy stuff, we have been able to help our eager team members get on the path to seeing success as well. Some want to be left to their own devices and that's OK too...

For us, Keyword Rich Content and Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

However, we are not alone in this process. 12 Second Commute with all the training and support has lightened the load.

No matter what program, product or service you are working online, you have to understand that using online marketing tools is only going to benefit you and your online business.

The amount of value you get with an account here is unbelievable.

Personally, I'd recommend kicking Get Response and Aweber to the curb...

12 Second Commute is far more superior in our opinion.

But don't take our word for it. See for yourself.

If you don't check it out, I know exactly why you're hesitant... it's because everybody and their dog is telling you they have the latest and greatest and it's hard to know who to believe. I understand that.

Where else on the internet will you find Autoresponders, Contact Manager, Ad Trackers, Capture Page Creator, Affiliate Area, URL Rotators, Newbie Training Center, Blog, Video Training, Translation Area, Program Builders, SEO Tools, Smart Page, Conference Center, Purchase Traffic, Bonus Traffic and Hosting all under one roof?

12 Second Commute is an honest business resource and opportunity center unlike anything I've ever come across.

No useless hype at the site or provided by any of the trainers either.

Jim is also a trainer here at 12SC and he puts on his SEO conferences Wednesday night's at 9:30 EST.

There are a total of 4 conferences that cover social networking, SEO, Advertising and basically a informational Q and A on these specific tools. There are a few during the day as well for the people in Europe on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Darryl Graham has been so generous in allowing anyone and everyone to take the entire system for a test drive free for 30 days.

There are not many businesses that have enough faith in their service to do this as the majority of them make you pay a dollar or pay in full up front before they will give you anything.

Actually, I'd prefer to only have it a 10 or 15 day free trail since I know from experience how when given the opportunity to check something out for too long, it gets pushed to the wayside and next thing you know... you just never get around to it. Oh well, not my rules to make.

If you are a serious person with a serious business goal then I'm confident you won't wait the full 30 days to take action.

Jim and I are super happy paying members of 12 Second Commute and just wanted to share with you why this is the system you MUST get your hands on, or at the very least test out before deciding if you want to continue.


Angie Mitchell
Skype: angiebt79828

Remember... Its Not WHAT You Are Marketing, It's What Online Marketing Tools You Use!

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