Monday, May 24, 2010

Choosing Email Marketing Tools | Angie Mitchell | 12 Second Commute

Let me tell you, I was searching the internet today looking for "email marketing tools," I was doing a little comparison shopping and holy cow!

When selecting an email marketing provider, price is always a factor in the decision-making process, cool... I understand that.

As soon as I found this company (I'll leave unnamed) I had to write a blog post to warn the new comers to the online marketing world.

I just found a company that "offers GREATER VALUE and a greater variety of pricing packages than any other service on the market today."

This one service in particular I found is asking $159.90/mth for you to be able to send out 100,000 emails a month. They gotta be kidding right? I mean seriously?

See, that's what makes me so pissed off! Everybody has the best value and the best pricing... Don't get me wrong, I think having options is great but seriously $159.90/mth for an autoresponder with limitations?

And their bare bones plan which allows you to send out 2,000 emails a month was $19.90/mth and an additional $5.00 for an additional 1000 if you went over your allowed 2,000.

As far as I'm concerned the company that provides me with my autoresponder service (12 Second Commute) has "given the farm away" with the promotion going on now, unlimited complete set of online and email marketing tools for $19/mth. (summer time special offer) You can't beat that bargain, plus up to 60% commission... I'm staying!

Do your research, shop around and watch for rip offs when you're looking for email marketing tools.

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