Friday, February 12, 2010

Are Free Email Autoresponders Safe? Online Marketing Tools

Are free email autoresponders safe for your online marketing business? I will show you three main issues behind a free email autoresponder offer and how to escape them.

As you may have heard, knowledge is power: if you know the dangers, you can avoid them.

I’m talking about free online marketing tools you can have access to by way of a free subscription. Sometimes you could find yourself bombarded with spam or, even worse, malware before you even realize it.

Of course, if your goal is to make money online you have to be careful when using free online marketing tools, a good dose of malware would definitely throw a wrench into things, free is not always the way to go in my own opinion.

The most important online marketing tool is email autoresponders, Many companies offer a free autoresponder account. Unfortunately, not all these offers are really what they seem.

Here is a list of things to watch out for.

1) A 1 Month Free Trial

Most of the top autoresponder companies offer a free account with this clause: "You will receive an account free of charge for a trial period of one month and then, if you then decide to keep it, you must pay the monthly fee."

To escape this trap you need to carefully check the terms and conditions before subscribing. If you decide to use the free email autoresponders just to test the service out, it’s no skin off your back if you drop you account at the end of the month. However, if you do indeed decide to use the free account for the real intent to grow your online business, make certain you don’t loose your subscribers at the end of the 1st month. The only way to escape this is to make sure, before subscription, that the service allows you to export your subscribers list. Once exported, you get your asset and you can import it and market it with any other email autoresponder service.

2) Limited Follow-ups

One of the main limitations of free email autoresponders has to do with the number of follow-up messages you can import. Obviously, you will need at least a follow-up series for each one of your marketing campaigns, but this is something many newbies don’t realize. That’s why they may discover how a free email autoresponder may limit their business when discover, it’s too late.

An easy way to escape this trap is to subscribe for more than one account to the same service: If the free autoresponder service gives you 3 follow-up series, you could subscribe for two accounts and get access to 6 series. Most of the time, the only thing you need is another email address, and you can get as many as you want at (within reason) then again this does require a bit more work to manage. This is up to you to evaluate: You should plan in advance which kind of business you want to build and how many campaigns it will need. If the campaign number is high as compared to the maximum follow-up series of the account, maybe the price you’re going to pay for it will be too high. As before, check the terms and conditions before subscribing then make your plans accordingly. I personally would never go this route because I don't need the headache.

3) Low Level Instruction (how to use the darn things)

If you have never used email autoresponders before you might find that with a free service that there is little to no real instruction on how to properly set them up and use them to your advantage. When working online you know that time is precious, you do not want to find yourself bouncing from page to page like a confused crazy person unable to find what you needed. Again, it depends on the service you choose. What I can suggest you to do to avoid falling in this trap is to check the instructions and tutorials right away after subscription and before launching any marketing campaigns.

Everybody learns differently, some need to read it, some need to hear it, some need to watch it and some need all three and there is nothing wrong with that.

With the set of online marketing tools I use including email autoresponders, there are video tutorials, text based tutorials, live conferences 4 times per week where you will get your questions answered, there is even a Skype group where people (from around the world) gather and offer help. All for a Basic Membership of $9/mth up to a $39/mth Elite Membership where the online marketing tools is unlimited.

I hope this article will be useful to you. If you’re determined to build a real business and make money online, know that you can do it with free resources, Personally I could do without the headaches.

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