Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online Marketing Tools And Free Techniques

When working an online business your end goal is to be a successful marketer who is earning a residual income but in order to reach the end result you must find internet marketing techniques and acquire a set of online marketing tools that are proven to be effective to help you promote whichever product, program or service you are marketing.

There are several tools and methods for marketing online that you can opt for. I've taken care of the researching part of it for you because I've found a complete set which will save you time and money looking for these tools. Everything you need to start making money online in one place.

This stockpile of online marketing tools has everything from Ad Trackers and Email Autoresponders to SEO tools, Contact Manager and even a Program Builder so your lazy downline can duplicate your marketing efforts, I could go on and on all day as to what my system has to offer but I'd like to focus today on 3 different marketing techniques you can try for free.

Ultimately, you want to entice more people to your website, gain customers for your business, and start branding yourself as well as whatever it is you are promoting. If you are just beginning your online marketing strategy I would propose starting out with the following free techniques. Note: I refuse to pay for advertising and I'm experiencing success without having to pay for it. All it costs me is my time, and since I love what I do, it hardly feels like "work".

There are companies out there that would love to squeeze your wallet for submitting your websites to major search engines, but you can do it yourself for free simply by typing in the website URL then clicking on the submit button, your website will be inspected by website spiders and meta tag crawlers absolutely free. It's that easy breezy lemon squeezy! If your website meets search engine criteria, it will be considered for listing when the search engine is updated. This is a fabulous free marketing tool for internet business owners. I highly recommend you do this!

Offering an opt-in free newsletter containing information pertaining to your product, program or service is another great free technique to gain internet marketing and exposure. People who will want access to the freebies, resources and tips will opt-in to get them. Along with the information you offer, you can include links to your website. People who were initially wanting free information are now potential customers. That's what they call "building the list" This is a fantastic free marketing technique because you control the content, links, and information.

With the set of online marketing tools I use it comes complete with Email Autoresponders, Templates, and Link Trackers so I know when and how many people are reading my juicy newsletters. Before long you will gain a large database of newsletter subscribers. Marketing your online business will be a creative endeavor that could bring in a hefty amount of revenue for your business.

Another free marketing technique is through the exchange of banners or links. Consider exchanging links with other internet businesses of similar interest. For example, if your online business website focuses on fishing supplies, consider marketing your business by exchanging links with an online business that sells camping supplies. Choose internet marketing partners carefully, and you could form valuable relationships that will provide you with the free internet marketing you're seeking.

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