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It's Not What You Are Marketing, It's What Online Tools You Use

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If you are just one of the millions of internet marketers trying to make a buck online, then you will have no doubt have heard someone say, "If you want to make money online, you have to build an opt-in list." Now, how on earth are you expected to do just that? First of all, if you don't have the marketing tools in place, you can't.

You gotta understand that there are 1.4 billion people who access the internet on a daily basis and guess what? Some of those people are YOUR ideal clients! That having been said, there are a very large number of other internet marketers who are using tools and those are the ones who are seeing the success because they are getting to your customers before you are.

Now you can find all sorts of online marketing tools but I want to talk to you about the basic tools. The foundation, the ABCs, the infrastructure, the spine, you get my drift. You are encouraged to use other marketing tools of course but I can not stress enough the importance of laying down the groundwork before you try and throw yourself out into the middle of the information superhighway.

The barebones minimum you are going to need are:

* A Capture Page Creator - to start building that list of yours

* Autoresponders - to get your message to your customers

* A Contact Manager - to keep in contact with those customers

* Link Trackers - to know where your customers are coming from or not coming from

Other online marketing tools I'd recommend are:

* A Program Builder - allows you to easily duplicate a sales and marketing system so your downline can be up and running with the same capture page and autoresponder messages as you--all fully customized with their information.

* URL Rotators - to promote multiple products, services or programs as well as help your downline or to sell co-op advertising.

* SEO tools - to begin optimizing your website(s) for top placement within the search engines. So people can find you on the internet.

OK, so you have a Product, Program or Service you want to promote. You have to know the Who, What, Where, When and How to promote to these eager people. There are roughly 70 million searches done in a month.

The big question is...... Can they find you?

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